They’ve made music history with a number one album, but who the hell are Ward Thomas?

You may have seen two young girls pop up in the top five iTunes charts last week and wondered, who the hell are they?!


Ward Thomas are a modern country duo made up of 22 year old twin sisters Lizzy and Catherine Ward Thomas from Hampshire. Yep, they’re not actually for Nashville at all! They started Ward Thomas in 2014 after composing songs together in sixth form, where they met singing teacher and Nashville session singer Ann Bailey. The rest is history. They’ve since released their debut album ‘From Where We Stand’ in 2014 and it came in just short of the top 40, at number 41.

This year, the girls joined with Sony Music to release their second album ‘Cartwheels’, which you’ll know has just gone number one! It totally deserves the spot, it’s brilliant. Pop infused country music that is perfect for everybody.

Country music has been making waves in the UK with the likes of The Shires hitting the number 10 spot on the Official UK Charts with their debut album ‘Brave’ and country duo Darline who were nominees for the Eurovison 2016.

Well, Ward Thomas broke boundaries for country music. They’re the first ever UK country artists to score a number one album, which they’ve done with ‘Cartwheels’.


Hopefully this article has given you a bit more knowledge on these British country gals. You can always add them up on Snapchat too and see what happens in their daily life. They’re also heading out on tour this Oct and you can grab some tickets here. Quick! They might sell out. Did you buy their new album and help it reach number one? Tell us in the comments below.

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