Whinnie Williams releases three music videos with her pet poodle.

If you think Lady Gaga’s obsessed with her dog Asia, please hold the line and check out Whinnie Williams.

The emerging English chanteuse loves showing off her gorgeous pet poodle, Brian, so much he has starred in all three of her music videos. Has he got his own IMDB page yet?

We first caught a glimpse of Brian when we posted about Whinnie’s first video ‘You Don’t Love Me‘ last month.

The video was the first in a three-part anthology that now includes ‘Break Hearts In Your Sleep’ and ‘Oopsy Daisy’.

Spoiler alert: Brian doesn’t play the role of average dog companion, he can switch on the telly, play Bingo and open a vintage camera. He’s more like a side kick, really.

Whinnie Williams Brian the poodle

Here they are – the dynamic duo of Whinnie and Brian. Watch the videos in this order.

All three tracks will be on Whinnie’s debut EP Bad Girl, which comes out on 6 October.

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