What can we expect from 5 Seconds of Summer’s EU/UK tour?

@itspoppytho from  tells what we can expect from 5SOS’S ‘Rock Out With Your Socks Out tour.

So 5SOS have finally announced their European tour dates and we couldn’t be any more excited even if we tried!


These boys are so incredible live and such a pleasure to watch. They are so talented and I know for a fact they will put on the best shows of their lives next year.

Michael, Calum, Luke and Ashton, all no older than 20 will be touring all of Europe putting on shows from May 4th, starting in Portugal, until June 13th where they will finish their European tour in London. This isn’t just any tour though, they will be playing arenas! This is something these boys have been dreaming of since they put together their band in 2011. To think that they played their first show together as a band in front of 12 people.

But what can you expect from the boys’ ‘Rock Out With Your Socks Out’ tour?

From this tour you can garentee that Michael’s hair is going to be a different colour, again! I wonder what colour it will be now… He’s gone through most of the colours already. Maybe it will be orange and we can call him Chuckie Finister!

These boys will certainly entertain you on this tour. There will be plenty of stories that they will most likely share, for example:

They will of course be playing their new songs from their new album so you better start learning the words, if you haven’t already.

They’ll bring new mascots and Daniel the Lion!

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