Waiting For Callback: The Twitter Takeover highlights

On Thursday 28th January, we folks at Maximum Pop! Books were thrilled and HONOURED (sorry Honor, last time I promise…) to have Perdita & Honor, the gorgeous mother-daughter writing duo take over our Twitter and respond to Waiting For Callback readers’ burning questions. The hashtag #CallbackMP was going totes nuts!

…here are some of our favourite tweets and exchanges!

Awesome co-author of Lobsters and Never Evers Lucy Ivison asked mum Perdita to spill the beans on how she embarrasses her daughter…

Hannah Sheppard (@YA_Books) wanted the to hear about the disagreements between the writing duo…

Elisa Offord, Marketing/Publicity Director for Simon & Schuster UK Kids, obvs trying to get some fashion tips…

Reason #39578990 to love Perdita & Honor…they give out book biscuits to retweeters!

Oh also, we need to track down and cuddle this dog…

We so totally loved having Perdita & Honor in charge of our Twitter. They have an open invite to return, for sure!

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