MP!er Zoe shares her thoughts on ‘Insurgent’ by Veronica Roth. ‘The ending of this book left you mentally screaming for answers’.

YOU REVIEW: This month we’re delving deep into the YA dystopian fiction ‘Insurgent’ the second book in the ‘Divergent’ trilogy by Veronica Roth. MP!er Zoe shares her thoughts below.

Describe the plot of ‘Insurgent’ in a tweet – less than 140 characters please!
Haunted by grief & guilt, Tris fights on in search for the truth. Secrets emerge, relationships shift, & theres a choice- that could kill her.

Have you read the first book in the ‘Divergent’ series?
I remember staying up all night until I finished it.

Have you seen the movie adaptation of the book? If so do you think the characters were portrayed well?
Enough to almost know it by heart! The casting of much-loved characters is always a nerve-wracking process. While the physical aspects are what we tend to focus on, the traits that make up the character are more important to the story. Shailene Woodley may not be short but she captured the inner strength of Tris, Theo James may not look like a teen but he showed us Four’s integrity and maturity, and made it believable on-screen. And he’s hot.

Without giving anything away, does the ending make you want to read the next in the series?
Not just WANT to, NEED to. You’re left mentally screaming for answers.

What genre would you class the book as?
Technically it’s YA Dystopia/Sci-fi, but as with a lot of YA, half the people I know who have read it are adults.

What was the best bit?
Probably Tris and Four’s interactions. I adore them together so I was always eager to read more. It’s not sunshine and butterflies, it’s real, with real issues. Also, Tris kicking ass.

Anything you didn’t like?
Nothing I really disliked, though you are left wringing your hands in frustration as Tris struggles with her inner-demons, getting lost in her head.

Would you recommend the ‘Divergent’ series to your friends?
I would and I have. In fact I have insisted upon it.

Do you think it would appeal to girls or boys more? Or both?
Both. Tris doesn’t really read like your typical girly girl, plus she’s strong-willed and a fighter.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about the book?
Have the third book ready when you finish. The series doesn’t end like your typical YA. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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