Fandoms coming together in the #UniteForCharity campaign

During the last four years fandoms have proved their power. This time, once again, they’re using it as a force for good, by encouraging fans to raise money for charity in the #UniteForCharity campaign.

Created by twitter user @STYLATORARMY it’s about fandoms and communities coming together to raise money for the mental health charity SANE.
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This campaign has caused a frenzy online with celebrities such as X Factor super-star @FleurEast and influential Twitter users such as Harry Styles’ cousin @matty_selley backing the project.

#UniteForCharity was only announced on Monday yet has already gained almost £300’s worth of donations and the Twitter account made specifically for the project has gained 2,000+ followers.

Also the campaign trended 2nd in the UK

People have created songs and pictures to raise awareness:

Even SANE is behind the project

Other fandoms supporting the project

To join the movement donate here: and follow @UniteForCharity

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