Union J and Bailey McConnell are peforming at Non Stop Pop in Milton Keynes

It’s barely turned March but we need it to be April already.

Why? Because, this:

That’s a lot of pretty boys performing pop to fit into one night, and sounds like it’s well worth the £34 pound to us (and that includes all those extra fees places like to add on top).

It’s standing only, like all good gigs should be. And if you’re under 14, you’re going to need to go with a  grown up.

Doors are at half 5, the show kicks off at half 6 and should finish just before ten. Technically not non stop but we’ll let it slide. This is all in the evening, by the way.

To get you excited, here’s Bailey’s ‘Now or Never’ video:

Save the event on MP! Events here for a FREE text message reminder 10 mins before it starts.

You can also buy tickets here, yayyy!

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