Have you ever wanted to send musical gifs to your friends and family on your phone? Now you can with this great app

If you’re anything like us you’re probably obsessed with music and addicted to reaction gifs, but up until now there wasn’t really a way to get both, that was, until we found this cool app called ‘TuneMoji’.


This iOS app is free and after you’ve downloaded it you just need to log in with your Facebook account, and you’re set to go. To start of you get 100 coins and with those you can “buy” some musical gifs.


You can sample all of them before unlocking them and they’re even separated into categories such as Reactions, Flirt, Party, Greetings and many more, so it’s really easy to find the perfect one.


If you’re only downloading one app this month, make it this one because it’ll totally brighten all of your conversations with your favourite, or not so favourite people.

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