Tulisa: ‘I need four hits before I do another album’

Hotter and more single-minded than ever (oh so punny!) – Tulisa has revealed that she’s only focused on releasing big dance singles right now.

The London pop vixen released her club-ready new single ‘Living Without You’ this week and told Digital Spy she has zero plans to write an album right now.

“I just want to make club anthems that people can party to,” she said.

“I’m not even working on an album. I’ve decided to strictly focus on singles. When I’m at the point musically where I feel like I’ve got back up to where I want to be and prove myself, then I feel like I’ll start focussing on an album. Right now, I’m just focussing on hit after hit. For me, if it’s not a single I’ll put it to one side like, ‘Okay, that’s for the album one day, whenever that will be’. It would literally have to be at least four before I start thinking about writing an album.”

In case you were wondering, one of the four said hits she’s aiming for is the latest single ‘Living Without You’.

She said: “The second I heard it, I’m obviously not a musician, but I just kind of knew. When I heard that song I was like, ‘This is what I’m going with. This is everything that I want’. I always do the thing of playing a record over and over again in my car, and the trick is, if you don’t get bored of the record by the tenth play, then you know it’s a hit.”

Who are we to question the woman who mentored Little Mix to victory on the X Factor, right? Never forget.

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