Alarm Pop: Tom Aspaul ‘Good Together’ – Dreamy synth pop delight alert!

Confession time: we have been obsessed with this song for a few weeks now.

Excuse us for not sharing sooner but now that Valentine’s Day is like a week away, we thought it’s time everybody got on board.


The London-based singer/songwriter, Tom Aspaul, serves lush soulful vocals over a bed of rose-petalled synths and some pretty lovelorn lyrics.

Tom has written with the likes of MNEK, FTSE and Grades (who produced ‘Good Together’). In fact, Kylie covered his song ‘Indiana‘ (retitled as ‘Feels So Good’) for her 2014 ‘Kiss Me Once’ album.

We have a feeling a whole lot more people are gonna be bumping Tom’s tunes. Mark our words.

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