Ten things you should never ever say to a Directioner- unless you want to be hated by millions, of course.

We Directioners are pretty passionate, right?  Those five idiots are the best thing that’s ever happened to us. But careful what you say to us, your you might see our bad side. Here’s ten things you should avoid saying at all cost.

1. “One Direction are a flop.” – Are you seriously suggesting they’re unsuccessful? Because we will literally strap you to a chair and play a detailed powerpoint the length of a feature film that lists their timeline of success along with evidence, facts, figures and even flow charts.


2. “Larry/Elounor isn’t real.” – Depending on who they’re a hardcore shipper of, you shouldn’t ever suggest their OTP isn’t real. It’s like you’re asking to be disliked.


3. “You won’t remember them in ten years time.” – After spending our teenage years fangirling, attending concerts, buying merchandise, trying to get follows, spamming them on Twitter, reading/writing heartwrenching fan fics, staying up at all hours to watch live streams from other countries to see them on an awards show and making friends from around the world… we doubt we’ll forget them.

4. “Oh, you missed *insert 1/5’s name* last night, they were in your local shop/library/train station.” – We know where they are 24/7. They’ve admitted that we know where they are before they know where they are. Are you seriously trying to kid us?

5. “You’ll never ever meet them.” – Some how, some way, we will meet them at some point.

6. “*Insert made up fact here*” – We could write their life stories better than they could. Don’t test us.

7. “You’re the one who’s been obsessed with 1D for years, right?” Yeah, and we had a sick time, mate, so keep laughing.

One Direction laughing

8. “They’re gay.” – Half of the fandom will agree. The other half will remind you that whether or not they are gay, they could still get more girls than you ever will, pal.

9. “One Direction are breaking up.” – We know for a fact they’ve signed an extended contract to 2016 in which they are planning to extend again before that runs out.

Zayn no

10. “You’re wasting your life on those boys.” – We’ve made friends from around the world, learnt how to track time zones, learnt cultures, found out how to work out the differences between currencies and found five boys who make us laugh and smile. We could be doing drugs, drinking and even getting pregnant, you should be thankful.

Louis sass

You have been warned, pal.

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