Amazing Album Alert: The Veronicas – ‘The Veronicas’. The Aussie twins return with their long awaited new album. Hurrah!

If you don’t know The Veronicas by now then there’s no time like the present to get acquainted with the Brisbane twins and their special brand of polished, harmony led pop rock. The ladies had massive hits way back in 2008 with the string-tastic ‘Untouched’ and the P!nk esque ‘4ever’ but after a 7 year long hiatus, they’re back with a new, self titled album and a clutch of shiny new ear worms for our listening pleasure. So let’s get to it, shall we?

the veronicas

Album opener ‘Sanctified’ is a down low and dirty, swamp rock stomper, like a girl version of Kings of Leon as the girls purr something about taking them down to the river or some such. Ooh er. However the day trip is cut short by the arrival of irresistibly pulsating EDM banger ‘Did You Miss Me (I’m a Veronica)’ which reminds the listener that the girls are back with a bang and that they won’t be going away anytime soon. Basically replace Veronica with your own name and you have an instant personal anthem ready for every occasion.

The rest of the album deals in OTT relationship drama (is there any other kind?), with an exhilarating mix of brooding break up ballads and high octane, sugary guitar pop. The girls take all the best bits of Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson on tracks like ‘Mad Love’ and the insanely addictive ‘Teenage Millionaire’, the latter of which we haven’t been able to stop bopping along to in the MP! office for the past few days. We’re not entirely sure what it feels like to be a teenage millionaire, but if its anything like this song it must feel pretty good.

Recent comeback single ‘You Ruin Me’ was a surprise UK hit for ladies late last year and still stands as a devastating piece of balladry, perfectly designed for wailing along to with a tub of ice cream on standby. Once you’re all cried out and ready to be angry, the angst-ridden ‘Cold’ is the ideal aural accompaniment as the twins spit a stream of consciousness outlining the bitter end of a particularly bad relationship. Gulp.

However heavy the relationship dramz though, you’re never far away from a catchy, radio friendly ditty in Veronicas land. Lisa and Jessica sure know their way around a tune and their ability to turn heartbreak into pop gold is all too apparent on ‘Cruel’. “My heart hangs on / you’re having fun / We can’t be lovers and we can’t be friends / That I still want you and I can’t pretend / It f**kin’ kills me that we’re done”, the girls lament over buoyant beat and driving guitars. Is it possible to cry while dancing? Crancing perhaps?

It’s not all tears and tantrums though as current single ‘If You Love Someone’ proves The ‘Ronikas can throw together an anthemic, fist pumping call to arms, urging everyone to declare whats in there hearts right the hell now. Alright, fine. ZAYN. WE LOVE YOU. WE’RE HERE AND WE’RE WAITING. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SAY YES.


It’s been seven long years since the band released their last album but judging by this latest collection, it’s been well worth the wait. A perfect mix of polished pop, jangling guitars and succulent harmonies, ‘The Veronicas’ will be a cracking addition to any collection, We certainly missed you girls and – much like Groot – we are Veronicas too.

MP! Rating: 4/5

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