The Vamps WORLD domination continues as they take over Australia

The Vamps have come quite far since they exploded into the music industry two years ago. Now they are taking it up a notch and doing a WORLD TOUR kicking off in Australia. We are officially jealous BUT they are coming to the UK later this year for their first arena show so all is good. Now, we do love to see what the boys get up to so this video has been some sort of early Chrimbo present for us (around 11 months early but hey ho).

From watching the video we have carefully selected some vital points:

  • James McVey can do a fairly good Australian accent – who’d have thought it?
  • The boys are very tired, and aren’t morning people. But we aren’t surprised with all the running around they do.
  • James felt like he was in Take That because he didn’t have his guitar.
  • Tristan ate a chocolate coated cricket, and actually liked it! You won’t find us trying that out.
  • We get to see Brad topless (5:20 mark…. your welcome).

So there we have it. Where is the next video, boys?

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