The Vamps continue their domination of Australia & celebrate Australia Day in STYLE

We might just be a TINY bit jealous that The Vamps aren’t in the UK right now, but it’s all okay because not only do their Australian fans get to see them, but they are documenting their every move in a series of videos. We can follow them around, it’s great! MP! HQ has become a mini cinema for the day and we intend to watch through boys on their trip. The latest video (of course) didn’t disappoint as we get to see the boys celebrating Australia Day in true Vamps style.

As always, we are very eagle eyed here at MP! and we have noted a few points about the video above…

  • Tris and Connor have a fight over Haribos (don’t blame them)
  • There is a little bit of an episode involving a 10 foot python. Just watch and see.
  • Connor does an excellent impression of a python.
  • Tris got engaged with a fan.
  • James’s fashion attempts are…questionable.
  • There is a LOT of slow motion head swinging.

Whilst we wait for the next video we might as well watch all their old videos, because, why not?


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