Rochelle The Sats talks American TV show, new single, album and sound!

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Maximum Pop! Reporter Jon Hornbuckle caught up with Rochelle Wiseman from The Saturdays to get all the gossip on the girls’ new album, what she makes of other girlbands on the scene and smelling like Marvin. Obviously.

Hello Rochelle. How are the American plans going for The Saturdays?
Really well thanks, we’ve shot the pilot for the documentary but I really can’t say much more about it.

Do you feel more pressure to be a success over there because a lot of other British acts have done so well in the States this year?
We don’t feel any pressure to be a success in America, we’re just going to take it at our own pace. It’s just so exciting.

What else is happening in the world of The Saturdays apart from weddings, babies and TV shows?
We are working on the next album now, it’s going to come out early next year.

And when can we expect to hear the first single?
We’ve recorded our next single, but it’s not got a name yet. It’s going to come out at the end of Summer.

Will it be a similar sound to ‘On Your Radar?’
It’s very dancey, but it’s going to be a lot more edgy than our previous stuff and what we are known for. I think we are definitely a pop band so we will carry on doing what we do best. The best thing about singing for me is always being able to try out different stuff.


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There are is some kind of girlband overload at the moment… The Spice Girls are doing a musical, Parade are working on new music, Girls Aloud are coming back and Stooshe are having a lot of success. Are you worried?
We welcome the competition from other girlbands. We are 5 years down the line now and on our 13th single. We are the only girlband now still going, obviously Girls Aloud are on some kind of break and the Sugababes, well… um, yeah, so it’s nice to have more come along. I presented a charity concert at the Royal Albert Hall recently and Stooshe were performing so it was cool to hang out with them for a bit and I can’t wait to see the Spice Girls musical! There is no way I will miss it.

What do you make of Stooshe’s style?
I love their style. I don’t think The Saturdays would be brave enough to try it, but they do what they do very well.

Ever regretted some of your own fashion choices?
I do have some fashion regrets, I think every girl has and I definitely have some nightmares in my closet, mainly things I wear privately not so much public events. I liked the different colours we had on the first album campaign actually.

What do you make of the JLS boys releasing a perfume?
I think it’s a great idea! Not a lot of blokes would want to buy a JLS aftershave but I think a lot of girls will want to smell how they think JLS want them to smell.

Has Marvin got you a bottle yet?
Yes he has given me a bottle! I made decisions for them and helped them choose the scent. You know me, I’m always sticking my oar in!


Interview by Jon Hornbuckle who’s a bit mental on twitter.

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