The Saturdays, ‘Living for the Weekend’ – amazing album alert!

The Sats are one of our favourite girlbands and they’ve been responsible for some pretty epic tunes – ‘Up’, ‘Ego’, ‘Higher’, ‘All Fired Up’… the list goes on.

Their new album ‘Living For The Weekend’ is out next week and we took an exclusive look into the album to see what the Sats’ fourth proper EP had to offer.

[column width=half]Best uptempo tune?

‘Not Giving Up’. Plenty of sunny pop-ness and a chorus that demandins to be played at full volume racing down to the beach. Or not, because it’s October.

Best song for a rave?

‘Problem With Love’. It’s like a drum and bass party anthem that’ll have you twerking like Miley Cyrus at a nightclub, only with less shame and embarrassment.

Song which we reckon could have actually done with a rapper tacked on or which wouldn’t have made it awful?

‘Disco Love’. We could totally have seen someone like Dizzee Rascal doing a guest spot on here in full Nineties grime gear.

Best ballad?

‘Leave A Light On’. One of their best ballads to date and calls back to their halcyon ‘Chasing Lights’ days and will leave the chorus and after-chorus stuck in your head for ages. Plus it has a bit where it sounds like a Diddy Dirty-Money song about coming home. You’ll know what we mean.

Best song for a deep, introspective video where Frankie, Mollie, Una, Vanessa and Rochelle are forced to face their mortality and come to terms with deep existential issues?

‘What About Us’. Wait, wasn’t that what the video was about anyway? But what about the pool table and the shopping being representations for… no? Oh, alright, midtempo tune ‘Anywhere With You’ then.[/column]

[column width=half last=true]Best song for a video where the gang celebrate Frankie’s new baby by getting absolutely wasted?

‘Don’t Let Me Dance Alone’. A proper hands-in-the-air song for the girls and we could just see all five of them getting trashed on raspberry mojitos and Bacardi Breezers.

Worst song that isn’t a single?

‘Somebody Else’s Life’, feels a bit like two different songs stuck together.

Best song for that 2am drive with friends to McDonald’s where you order and just sit in the car, blaring out music and eating junk food?

‘Lease My Love’. It’s big, it’s R&B-pop, and it has a big sing-a-long chorus that we could easily see being the next accompaniment to late night/early morning chicken nuggets and a McFlurry.

Song that you’re going to have stuck in your head all day?

‘Not Giving Up’. It’s easily the highlight of the album and which should get pushed to be a big single with a big sunny, ‘Higher’-esque video.

Score out of ten?

Seven. Songs like ‘Lease My Love’ and ‘Problem With Love’ are the furthest they’ve journeyed into R&B and feels like a great continuation of the sound of ‘On Your Radar’, while ‘Leave A Light On’ is a cracking ballad and the uptempo tunes are big blasts of fun. Room for improvement, but not a bad result all round.[/column]

‘Living For The Weekend’ is out 14th October 2013. Check out the video for current single ‘Disco Love’ – which is out now – below:

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