MP! Reviews: ‘The Duff’, a clever, witty and different guide to high school.

Capital FM and Chart Show presenter Kat has joined forces with Maximum Pop! for a series of film reviews. This time round she popped down to a screening of the canny and funny guide to high school ‘The Duff’.

I didn’t have high expectations for yet again another teen rom com but ‘The Duff’ really surprised me. It was clever, witty and just a bit different really as this one is very social media based and the cause of the conflicts are Twitter/Facebook/Insta/YouTube based.

It’s about a girl in high school who realises (when pointed out by her hunky neighbour) that she in her group of friends is ‘The Duff’, the Designated Ugly Fat Friend… A charming term I think you will agree and she enlists the help of her childhood friend and hunky neighbour to make her more popular, in return for helping him pass his grades but all goes slightly wrong when a video gets uploaded and goes viral of them practising her being more ‘normal’.

As I said it does have your typical American high school characters lined out for you.. What is a teen movie without the cheerleaders/nerds & jocks?

Not a hugely known cast over here, except Ken Jeong who plays the sympathetic Mr Arthur who encourages the ‘losers’ of the high school to be themselves and is just as hilarious in this as he is in ‘The Hangover’ franchise. He stole the show.

THE one to watch in this is Robbie Amell who plays ‘the hunky jock’ who as the movie goes on obviously turns nice guy, he is my new favourite heart throb and was very funny and natural too. Believe me we will be seeing his face everywhere soon.


Mae Whitman did an amazing job of playing the leading lady… ‘The Duff’.. Her quirky sense of humour and timing was brilliant and I would definitely watch anything that I saw her in now. I thoroughly enjoyed this American teen comedy and so did everyone else at the screening… With the little added touch of putting the casts Twitter handles at the end credits instead of just their names.

And no its not JUST because there were half naked waiters serving us food and drink before we went in… Ok… Nice touch though


‘The Duff’ hits cinemas April 6th.

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