MP!er Leanne shares her thoughts on ‘The Dolls’ by Kiki Sullivan, get utterly lost in it!

YOU REVIEW: MP!er Leanne shares her thoughts on ‘The Dolls’ by Kiki Sullivan. This book has made it in to her top 10!

Fiction - The Dolls - Front Cover

Describe the plot of ‘The Dolls’ in a tweet – less than 140 characters please!
When Every Cheval is moved back to her childhood home; the town of Carrefour nothing seems to make any sense. Every is thrown into the deep end and soon realises that she is destined for much more than she had ever though.

Does the ending make you want to read the next book?
Yes! Without any hesitation! Kiki ended ‘The Dolls’ in such a way that all I wanted to do was open up the next book and get utterly lost in it.

What genre would you describe the book as?
YA (Young Adult), Fantasy.

Favourite part of the book?
What I loved most about this book is the way Eveny didn’t change throughout the book. She stayed true to her roots and upbringing. Eveny is a head strong, independent girl and is the ideal role model for anyone that is a victim to peer pressure.

Anything you didn’t like?
I didn’t like how fast the book ended. Like one minute it was Mardis Gras and then the next minute the book was over.

Would you recommend the book?
Oh most definitely! I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was mesmerising and I couldn’t put it down.

Do you prefer e-books or the physical book?
Physical books most definitely. Nothing beats the feeling of actually turning a page and feeling the weight of the book in your hands.

Anything else?
This book is outstanding! It’s easy going to read and the storyline grabs you and doesn’t let you go even after you’ve finished reading the book. I haven’t read anything like this, so it’s got this uniqueness about it that’s mystifying.

The characters are so realistic as well and the best part is, like Eveny, none of them undergo this massive –unrealistic- transformation. They have their own opinions and thoughts not a boring group mentalism.

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