MP!er Nina shares her thoughts on ‘The Dolls’, the fantasy/mystery/romantic adventure by Kiki Sullivan

YOU REVIEW: MP!er Nina shares her thoughts on ‘The Dolls’ by Kiki Sullivan. Don’t start reading it if you have things to be getting on with.

Fiction - The Dolls - Front Cover

Describe the plot of ‘The Dolls’ in a tweet – less than 140 characters please!
Eveny’s life is changed after the mysterious town Carrefour, held under The Dolls’ dangerous power, exposes the secrets of her unspoken past. (That was hard!)

Without giving anything away, does the ending make you want to read the next in the series?
Definitely. As a reader I was left anxiously pondering over the future of not only all the characters, but the entire town of Carrefour itself.

What genre would you class the book as?
A hybrid between Fantasy/Adventure/Mystery with a hint of Romance.

What was the best bit?
I loved how the book still managed to maintain a strong sense of realism, despite all the magic and enchantment that takes place. It was the perfect mix between the two worlds of reality and fantasy, which resulted in the characters being super relatable.

Anything you didn’t like?
At first I was worried that the length of the book would bore me, but I actually got drawn into it pretty quickly and even managed to finish it in one sitting – so there isn’t actually anything I can say I disliked about it.

Would you recommend ‘The Dolls’ to your friends?
Of course!

Do you prefer ebooks or physical books?
I love the tangible quality of physical books and there really is no feeling like holding the pages in your hand, but I can’t deny that ebooks are useful when it comes to convenience and travelling.

Do you think it would appeal to girls or boys more? Or both?
It depends on the reader’s personality, but I think stereotypically it would appeal to girls more. There are a lot of strong female characters which I thought was great.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about the book?
Don’t start reading it if you have things to be getting on with that day because I can assure you, there’s no way you’ll be able to put it down!

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