We dream cast ‘The Dolls’ movie, Maisie Williams, Bella Thorne and Nicholas Hoult, yes please!

This month we’ve been delving deep into ‘The Dolls’ by Kiki Sullivan. They’ve been teasing us and keeping us keen by releasing e-book snippets, and we’re loving it! If you love Mean Girls, Pretty Little Liars and damn-good page turning reads, you need to get this book.

We love ‘The Dolls’ so much we’re keeping our fingers, toes and anything else that will cross, crossed, until they turn it into a blockbuster movie. In the meantime we’ve come up with our ultimate dream casting. If you’re a hot shot director reading this, then you’re welcome. We’ve done the hard work for you.

So who would play the characters? Read on and let us know in the comments box below if you have any other ideas.


Eveny is a streetwise New Yorker who loves botany and flower arranging. She’s a floral nerd! Don’t try and fool her, she knows her tulips from her tansies. We think Maisie Williams would be the perfect match.

One For The Boys #SingOne4TheBoys Karaoke Night


Peregrine loves the limelight, especially from adoring boys who fawn over her every word. She’s a straight A student (due to the magic). Peregrine also drives an Aston Martin, nice! Bella Thorne would fit into the role nicely, we can imagine her carrying around Audowido in her bag… he’s a snake.



Chloe is the spit of Peregrine and they love hanging out together. Chloe is slightly more reserved than Peregrine but don’t underestimate her! Time for Kylie Jenner to throw on some Chanel and fall in love with Justin (we don’t mean Bieber).

Kylie J

Aunt Bea

Aunt Bea has come back to Carrefour to open a bakery. She loves making cakes but could never afford to do it in New York. She raised Eveny from the age of four when her mother committed suicide! Aunt Be a is a caring, loving mother figure that’s why Cameron Diaz would be great to play this part.



Caleb is FIT! He’s the perfect guy, he’s gorgeous and a straight-A student. We love a guy who has brains as well as beauty. He loves to surf, jog and isn’t OTT. He stands back from the crowd, but that just makes us fancy him even more. Luke Pasqualino would be an amazing Caleb, we can imagine him jogging in the rain.

Luke Pasqualino by Pip for MATCHES FASHION


Boniface is the ripe old age of 79 and tends to Eveny’s house and garden, he’s basically their handyman. Morgan Freeman would be a fantastic Boniface for our ‘The Dolls’ dream casting.



Liv loves all things music, she wants to manage the next big thing and have her own recording studio. She’s on a scholarship to Eveny’s private school and lives in the Périphérie. We’re bringing Emma Watson back to her Hermione days, she’d be perfect playing Liv!

Em Watson


Drew’s in a band, sings and plays guitar, sounds dreamy right? Drew was friends with Eveny when she was young and they still hang out together. Nicholas Hoult is our favourite for this role, we certainly wouldn’t complain about another bit of eye candy.


Aloysius Vauclain

The General of the Main De Lumiére, Vauclain is a bad nut who can morph into other people to disguise himself. We were trying to think of someone creepy and Alan Rickman came to mind.

Alan r

Are you loving ‘The Dolls’ e-books as much as us? Leave us a comment below if you have any other ideas who might play the characters.

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