Help… struggling to find a way to breathe. Well, fans of The 100, that was one hell of an episode. Not much happened, but EVERYTHING happened.

Here’s our little recap from season 3 episode 4 “Watch The Thrones”.

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The Ice Queen challenging Lexa to a battle. But her son, Roan, will be fighting for her. Are you really sure you know what you’re getting yourself into Queen? Hmmm?

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And Lexa’s all like “yeah just try me.” Slay. Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 1.11.28 am

Back at Arkadia, Bellamy’s feeling all sad because he thinks the destruction of Mount Weather and the deaths of all those people was all his fault.

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Oh, and Jasper sneaks out and Monty follows to keep an eye on his unstable friend. Watchu up too J?

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He took Finn’s ashes and went to the Dropship, him and Monty had an argument about his wellbeing (about time), Monty left and Jasper tripped and dropped Finn’s ashes over the ground where he starts breaking down (do we feel sorry for him or?).


Clarke walks in on Lexa teaching the Nightbloods — the kids who would rise up and succeed her if she were to die in the face-off. Will Lexa lose this fight? Obviously Clarke tries to talk her out of it but her girlfriend is really stubborn.

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Meanwhile, the people at Arkadia want revenge on The Grounders for killing their people at Mount Weather… and some douche throw a rock at Lincoln’s head. EXCUSE ME? Rude!

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Our poor baby.

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Oh look, here we have Clarke trying to poison Nia. It almost worked if it wasn’t for the Queen’s attendant who smelt the poison. Nice try though.

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So as revenge, The Queen pours the attendant’s BLACK blood on Clarke. Awks. But wtf? Interesting. We find out that “Nightbloods,” are children found to have black blood. Basically, Nia kept some warriors for herself to control the next Commander. Yikes.

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Lexa showing Roan, and Nia, who’s the Commander (but Roan’s already in on a plan to become King).

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Plot twist – instead of killing Roan, Lexa takes the spear and hurls it straight at Queen Nia killing her and automatically making Roan the King of the Ice Nation. Slay us.


Awww Clarke’s on the sidelines supporting her woman. Isn’t that nice? (insert heart emoji here).

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And Bellamy’s screwed up and joined Pike in getting revenge on the 300 Grounders that are actually protecting them. Idiot. They all got arrested though.

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Oh but wait. The people have voted Pike as the new Chancellor. He pardons himself and his people, disregards themselves as the 13th clan and sets out to kill the 300 Grounders outside Arkadia. And the worst part is, Bellamy is going to help him. Noooooo. Someone sort this s**t out, thanks.

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