Taylor Swift vs Karlie Kloss: Who’s the BEST best friend?

It’s pretty obvious that Taylor and Karlie are BFFs. But who is the best best friend? Vogue investigates with a series of challenges and here’s what we found out:

1) Taylor’s really good at drawing portraits without looking at the paper. Hidden talent: unlocked.

Taylor Swift draws Karlie Kloss

2) Karlie has a super fierce ‘competitive face’. Y’know, Supermodel Essential Traits 101.

Karlie Kloss stare Taylor Swift

3) It’s impossible to call who would win an arm wrestle between these two. PS – Best best friends let their best friends beat them in arm wrestles. Just saying.

Taylor Swift Karlie Kloss arm wrestle

4) Olivia makes a cameo and the name on her rider is signed ‘L’Oreal’ because she’s worth it. Boss kitty.

Taylor swift cat olivia benson

So… Taylor or Karlie? Find out who is the BEST best friend:

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