MP! Style Guide: Tips to keep your prom makeup strong all night long

Prom makeup has to last through photographs, limo rides, and of course, a whole night of dancing, so it’s critical that everything stays perfectly in place.

1. Start with the right primers

Skipping out on primers can really affect how long your makeup lasts. Eye primer helps make sure that shadow doesn’t move into your creases, and face primer keeps your foundation smooth and not cakey. Let your own skin be your guide on what type of primer you choose—if you tend to be shiny, go with a matte primer; if you tend to be red, go with a calming primer, etc.

2. Practice wearing false lashes

If you’re not used to wearing false lashes, you’ll probably be tearing them off before the night is over. Make sure to give yours a couple of test runs, and this will also allow you to try out how much glue you need to keep them stuck on good.

3. Use a setting spray

Spritz it lightly over your finished face to lock everything in. Just like primers, use your skin type as a guide to which kind of setting spray to buy.

4. Choose a good lipstick

Whether you’re going with a bold lip or a neutral one, you’ll want a lipstick that doesn’t require reapplying all night and certainly one that doesn’t get all over your teeth and drink cup. Look for products names with long-lasting qualities, start with a matching lipliner to keep everything in place, and keep a mirror in your bag just in case.

5. Don’t touch!

Keep your hands away from your face as much as possible so as not to transfer oils onto your perfect makeup. Blotting papers come in small packages you can keep in your perfect to touch up throughout the night, especially after hitting the dance floor.

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Written by Jackie Kolgraf

I'm the lead style/beauty writer & U.S. content coordinator here at Maximum Pop!, where I get to combine my love for Louis Tomlinson with his love for Adidas. I hail from Boston, and I'm obsessed with my wiener dog, nail art trends, One Direction, and perfume samples. I believe in daily pizza.

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