MP! Style Guide: Eau de what? The different types of perfumes, explained

Not all perfumes are created equally. You may have noticed words on the label like ‘eau de parfum’ or ‘eau de toilette’ and not given them a second thought, but they actually mean a lot when it comes to the quality and lasting properties of what you’re buying. Here’s the breakdown.


The best of the best. Parfum is the highest concentration of perfume, meaning it has the lowest levels of alcohol, and its scent will last the longest.

Lasts: 6-8 hours

Eau de Parfum

Coming in second to plain old parfum, eau de parfum has a fairly high concentration of perfume.

Lasts: 4-5 hours

Eau de Toilette

This is the most common type of perfume, and is generally more affordable than parfum or eau de parfum. It’s not as concentrated and doesn’t last as long.

Lasts: 2-3 hours

Eau de Cologne

We’re getting close to pure alcohol here.

Lasts: 1-2 hours

Eau Fraiche

Mostly water, where as eau de cologne is mostly alcohol.

Lasts: 1-2 hours

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