MP! Interviews: Stereo Kicks, we chat toy helicopters, weeing on the floor and the South Park soundtrack with the lads

As you may or may not know, the ridiculously talented Stereo Kicks lads headlined their very own show at the O2 Academy Islington on Saturday, with Showcase Live. We kid you not when we say the gig was one of the best things we’d ever seen and heard. Like seriously, we just wish there was a way to relive it. If only…

We had the pleasure of chatting to the lads backstage before the show kicked off. We kinda heard them before we saw them… by that we don’t mean a load of rowdy lad banter as you’d expect (although there was a big ass dollop of that too.) There was actually a rather tuneful hum of vocal warm-ups coming from their dressing room, we thought about bursting into the room and slotting right in there with their beautiful harmony. Then we remembered we’re tone deaf and it probs wouldn’t go down too well…

 Hi guys are we excited for tonight’s show? HOW excited are we?!

Jake: Buzzin’!

Casey: It’s our first headline gig so we’re really happy and excited about it – we can’t wait!

Jake: We’ve been working so hard this week doing everything from choreography to learning brand new original songs and re-mastering covers, we can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been working on.

Casey: Some of the songs are quite different to what we’ve done before.

Sounds like you’ve been busy! What sort of songs are we going to hear?

Jake: A range, obviously we had the songs on the show which were set with certain themes, so we’ve gone away and worked on our sound a little bit

Tom: It’s very dynamic our set, we’ve got a lot in it!

Have you got a pre-show ritual at all?

James: We just sort of mess about…

Barclay: We just sit here and take the mick out of each other.

(The lads then all broke into another rather tuneful vocal warm-up!)

Sounds beautiful!

Tom: That’s what we do – we screwed that up on Big Brother last night!

Charlie: How was that so good this time?!

What else have you been up to since leaving X Factor?

Chris: We had a bit of time to just go home and rest, chill with family and stuff, and then start to prep ourselves for the tour as it’s only around the corner. So we’ve basically been getting ready for that and the show this week.

Have you got any surprises in store for tour? Can you let us in on any secrets?

James: We might bring in some dancing maybe…

We like the sound of dancing! There are a lot of you in the band already, if you could add one more member, anyone in the world, who would it be?

Tom: Will Ferrell

James: Eddie Murphy

Casey: Harry Styles

Chris: Louis Walsh

Charlie: Richard Branson

Okay, bit of a range there… we all know Stevi Ritchie loves a good Harvester, what would you pick from the menu yourselves?

Jake: The biggest cheeseburger you can get

Casey: Rocky road

James: Just a pudding Casey?! Interesting…

Chris: I’ve never even been to the Harvester

Have you not?!

Tom: Chris has never even been to Thorpe Park!

That’s disappointing Chris!

Chris: It’s the lads’ fault for not showing me around…

If you guys were in a girl band what would you call yourselves?


Reece: Stereo Chicks

Yes Stereo Chicks – love that! What’s on your iPod at the moment, what are you listening to?

Jake: Justin Bieber

Tom: Oh god…

James: R. Kelly

Charlie: A Great Big World

Barclay: I’ve been listening to the South Park soundtrack…

Tom: Give us a rendition

Barclay: All the songs have very violent swear words in

Tom: Okay – don’t give us a song…

What is one thing each of you couldn’t live without?

Jake: Mines got to be my phone

Tom: Dominoes

Barclay: Mine is probably my phone as well

James: Ketchup

Casey: My toy helicopter

Barclay: Ahh yeah, he’s an absolute nightmare with that!

Reece: Mine would be Nutella

Chris: Headphones

Charlie: Technically it would be air…

Barclay: What?! Technically it would be air?!

Tom: There’s always one isn’t there…

You’ve got some pretty impressive hair going on, everyone probably asks this, but it’s got to be done…who takes the longest to style it?

Chris: It’s not me anymore – it used to be!

Charlie: I’ve got to say James…actually I would say Casey, but he doesn’t bother anymore

Barclay: No, Casey doesn’t really take long

How long do you take to style it?

James: Ten minutes?

Chris: Five minutes


Casey: Yeah! Chris gets out of bed and his hair is done…

What can we expect to see from you after X Factor tour?

Casey: You just never know, this is a Tom question… *laughs*

Tom: Well like Casey said you just don’t know, but our goal would be a deal, and obviously doing stuff like the show tonight. We just want to show we work hard and it’s another chance to showcase what we can do. Hopefully someone will give us a bit of direction after the tour if we work hard!

We’ll be looking out for stuff from you guys! We’ve got a few questions in from Twitter for you…@caitlynbaily10 asked what’s your most embarrassing memory as a kid?

Barclay: Charlie, do you want to take this one, as you are still a kid?

Charlie: Ooohh shut-up Barclay…

Barclay: His voice just cracked!

All: * laugh *

Jake: I’ve actually got an embarrassing childhood memory, it’s horrible…

Casey: When you dressed up as a girl?

Jake: No, I embraced that. Basically, when I was younger, for some weird reason I was naked having a wee on the floor

Casey: How old were you?

Jake: About six months?

Tom: What?! You were standing up?!

Jake: No, just on the floor… and for some weird reason, we’re not an incest family or anything, but they took a picture, and this picture right, you see it as soon as you walk into the house, right there!

No way?!

Jake: Yeah, so every time somebody walked into my nans house they would see a picture of me having a piss on the floor…

Love it – pretty embarrassing… Next a question from @ell1299, she asks can you choose one word to describe each of you.

Barclay:  Legend

Chris: Banter King

Casey: Whaaatttt that’s two words! So one for everyone – Chris would be…cringe. Jake – naughty. Tom – sensible. Barclay – dopey. James…it’s a weird one…so I’d say weird, but he’s a good weird, he’s just very in his own world – crazy!

Chris: Casey – trier.

All: * laugh *

Casey: Okay, okay… Charlie – baby kick and Reece…

Charlie: Baby kick is two words mate

All: * laugh *

Casey: Reece, umm lairy

Tom: Chris is the assassin, the assassin of banter, he kills every type of banter

Got to love a bit of banter! Well thanks very much for speaking to us guys, and good luck with tonight’s show!

All: Thanks!

There you have it; you’ve now learnt just that little bit more about the Stereo Kicks boys. We’re pretty darn excited to see some more stuff from them in the near future, but in the meantime…who’s heading to X Factor tour to see their beautiful faces?!

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