10 reasons why we love Stephanie Beatriz from ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’…

Stephanie Beatriz aka Detective Rosa Diaz on ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine‘ is definitely one of the best new actresses around. In celebration of Stephanie’s birthday here’s 10 reasons why she’s one of our faves…


1. She plays a badass lady detective on ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’.


Rosa is without a doubt one of the strongest female characters on TV. She fierce af and her wardrobe is amazing isn’t it?!

2. And when she’s not wearing all black as Rosa she is literally us…

WORK SNUGGIE #brooklyn99

A photo posted by Stephanie Beatriz (@iamstephbeatz) on


We have Harry Potter work snuggies too here at MP! HQ and if you don’t have one you’re missing out…

3. She is basically the kindest human being ever. 

She got presents for her cast and crew to celebrate her own birthday, what a cutie!

4. When she’s not at ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’ she dances with an epic dance squad.

This is literally the ultimate girl gang and it’s just for fun. Where do we sign up?

5. Remember the time she dyed her hair pink, for no reason? 


Right where’s the hair dye? We want candyfloss hair, or just candyfloss. Either is great.

6. She also loves a good graphic tee.

The question is where do we purchase this snappy little number?

7. She also has some kickass advice…tumblr_nwf3vxUKyI1sfso15o4_250 tumblr_nwf3vxUKyI1sfso15o1_250 tumblr_nwf3vxUKyI1sfso15o3_250 tumblr_nwf3vxUKyI1sfso15o2_250 Pass us the tissues, we’re a bit emosh. We love that Stephanie is teaching people to love themselves. Preach it sista!

8. We love her Snapchat but she has a signature Instagram selfie pose, and it’s kind of the best thing ever…  

we’re making funny for you. #brooklyn99 #firstday #season3 A photo posted by Stephanie Beatriz (@iamstephbeatz) on

Half selfie, half backdrop. Watch out Kim K!

9. She’s best friends with her cast mates..


A photo posted by Stephanie Beatriz (@iamstephbeatz) on

Friendship goals on goals on goals tbh.

10. And if that wasn’t enough she also plays the ukulele! And we have proof…

We also know she’s a fan of rap music, we need to see a Kendrick Lamar cover ASAP.

Do you love Stephanie Beatriz as much as we do? Let us know over on Twitter @maximumpop.

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Written by Hannah Lovejoy

I'm the Film & TV Channel Manager at MP! I love sitcoms and Rosa Diaz is my spirit animal. I probably drink too much coffee - also guilty of quoting Hamilton The Musical on a daily basis. Tweet me @HanLovejoy!

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