Steal Her Style: Zoe Sugg aka Zoella.

Like YouTube sensation Zoe Sugg? Want to dress like her? Keep reading!


The thing we all love about many internet sensations stylewise, is that we can get exact pieces that they have worn if we love them 90% of the time. They don’t seem to splurge thousands on many designer pieces, after all they are all usual human beings… just well-known and overall more fabulous than us. But we love them.

Most of them, especially Zoe, are regulars to high street and online shopping, which makes it easier for us to steal her style… literally.



If you know of Zoe and her style, you know that she is practically a high street and online shopping queen. I can imagine that her wardrobe is oozing and overflowing with affordable gorgeous on-trend pieces that are feminine and accentuate her lovely, slim figure. We’re anxiously hoping she does a long awaited wardrobe tour soon. It’d be incredible.

Zoe’s favourite pair of bottoms is by far her black disco pants from American Apparel, these are her staple bottoms piece mainly throughout Autumn/Winter months and I have found you guys a cheaper alternative as the AA ones are on the pricier side.

Zoe is also a regular to a floral or feminine top with beautiful detailing, whether it be a chiffon peter pan detailed collared top or a patterned crop top, it’s her thing.  To layer this outfit for the upcoming Autumn months and chilly weather, Zoe would usually wear a blazer style boyfriend coat and a pair of boots to finish the look.

zoelladaytime1.jpg(Jacket – Bank Fashion, Crop Top and Disco Pants – ASOS, Boots – New Look)




Following her regular feminine sense of style,  for events, Zoe always looks effortlessly stunning.

This look is perfect for Zoe, she looks great in cream/ivory coloured chiffon pieces and the swing dress elongates her body as she is a rather small lady. She paired this gorgeous dress with a pair of black suede wedges.

Zoe finished this look with a black clutch to match her shoes so the dress was her statement piece and the two tone outfit looked simple but effortlessly stunning. If your dress is the statement piece, always match your shoes with your bag.

I have put together an outfit very similar to Zoe’s, the dress I picked out screams Zoe’s name… It has a collar (if you know Zoe you know her love for collars) and is a lacy, dainty, feminine dress. Also, as the chillier months are coming up, a simple black blazer is a great, feminine option that matches her shoes and clutch. The blazer will make you still look formal for the event and still draws attention to the staple piece that is the gorgeous dress.

zoellaevening1.jpg(Blazer – New Look, Dress – ASOS, Wedges – Forever21, Clutch – Zara)

Got some inspiration on how to dress like Zoe? Maybe you could be the next Zoella ay! Need any style tips or advice? Feel free to tweet my blog twitter – @anyacahill_ :)

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