The Big Interview: Sophie and the Bom Boms talks writing with Britney Spears and a big blunder with Ke$ha.

Before her current identity, Sophie and the Bom Boms was just a singer songwriter for big artists like Britney Spears, British pop star Conor Maynard and The Ready Set, to name a few. Now, she’s her own artist with the “Bom Boms” being her backing band. After working with Mr Maynard in London, Sophie decided that it was time to make her own music and thus, Sophie and the Bom Boms was born. We managed to have a quick natter on the phone with Sophie about her music, who she’s previously worked with and the like. 

This is Maximum Pop!  Sophie and the Bom Boms is on the line! How are you doing? 
I’m doing good! How are you?

We’re good, thanks. What did you do last night?
I was in the studio. Working hard!

What happens in the studio? Talk us through it.
Right now we’re kinda finishing our album, we finished our EP and now we’re finishing the album, so we’re writing a little bit and I’ll go in and there’s tracks and I’ll put my spin on it and it’s cool.

That’s great! Are you pleased with it?
It’s amazing I’m really excited, it’s like everything I’ve wanted to say I can put down, it feels really, really  good.

You’ve written for the likes of Britney Spears, Conor Maynard and Ke$ha. How often does it get mentioned at parties? Because if we wrote a song for Britney we’d be telling everyone about it!
*Laughs* I hold it in my back pocket and sometimes I have to pull it out. I keep it hidden but sometimes I tell people.

How often does that happen?
I don’t know, just you know when people are at parties and name dropping and they’re like “What do you do?” and I’m like “Well… I did write a Britney Spears song!” But it’s just an album track so not everyone’s heard it, so I can’t say “have you heard that on the radio?” But I can do that with Conor.

What was the track you wrote for Conor Maynard?
For Conor, I wrote with him Animal and Can’t Say No and then I had as an album track Take Off and Merry-Go-Round.

Conor’s a lovely man, isn’t he? Did you get to hang out with him?
Yeah he was like just the sweetest person and really talented.

We kind of feel like we always wanna hug him!
When I’m with him I kinda feel like I wanna punch him like he’s my little brother. I like that you know him though because in America it’s not a song played on the radio but when I’m in London everyone knows him.

What about Ke$ha? What’s she like?
Ke$ha is super, super sweet and talented! I didn’t have a song that came out on her album. I wrote with her a bunch of her songs for not the last album but the one before, I don’t know like how it came out, like I wrote with Ke$ha but I didn’t have a song come out.

I’m an idiot but her email was hacked someone emailed me pretending to be her saying like “send me the track that we did!” so I sent the track like an idiot and it ended up online like on Perez Hilton so I leaked my own track that I did with her on accident and I felt so bad! I guess people found that and put it up on blogs so I never officially had a song come out with her.

That was crazy! Let’s talk about your music. There’s a lyric video online for ‘Woman’ and your lips change colour a lot which was cool.
Yeah I wish they did more in real life!

That’d be a good trick! What’s the track about?
The track is about like meeting that one person who kind of makes you wanna bake cookies or some shit like something that you’ve never done in your life and then all of the sudden you wanna bake cookies or something.

Have you never baked cookies?
Well, I’ve never baked cookies but then there’s some people that make you feel like ‘I wanna chill out at home I don’t wanna go out and party I’m happy staying in with this person. It just gives you like this feeling and like it can take you by surprise and that’s what the song is about that’s what I was feeling at the time, then I wrote that song.

What would you watch after you made the cookies?
I guess whatever he wanted to watch, right? Like if it’s up to me I’d watch reality TV.

What do you watch at the minute?
I’m really, really bad like I’ll watch anything like I watch Teen Moms *laughs* it’s so bad I’m such a batchelor.

Do you have Netflix in the US?
We have Netflix but I don’t think we have the same shows like the UK like what’s the show about Essex or something?

The Only Way Is Essex?
Yeah, I like that show!

And Made in Chelsea is good – a posh version of TOWIE.
Yeah, I got into that when I was over there [the UK]! I just like listening to the accents!

So tell us about Pray! That’s the new track?
Pray just came out we did like a little D.I.Y video for it and that song is just like when everything else falls apart and that’s like the last plea like to be heard and to make sense of who and what you are in the world.


Thanks Sophie! We can’t wait to hear more, what do you all think then?

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