“Oh boys… I just wanna look at them!” MP! talks boybands, ice cream and Kanye West with Sophie and The Bom Boms

The awesomely talented Sophie and the Bom Boms has been bubbling under the radar for a while now and, with the release of 2014’s pop-tastic ‘Schmix Tape’ EP, became a firm fave on the MP! stereo of last year. Now Sophie is taking on the UK proper with a brand new single so we thought we’d catch up with the lady herself for a bit of a chinwag about pop music, tea and trains… you know, all the really important things in life. 

MP!: Hi Sophie! How are you?

Sophie: I’m good cos I’m in a pub right now! I’m trying to be as British as I can.

MP! Oh excellent! So you’re in the UK at the moment then yes?

Sophie: Yeah I’m in London!

MP!: Brilliant! How is it treating you so far?

Sophie: I love it here I love it so much! It’s like my favourite city – don’t tell L.A!

MP!: I bet you tell all the cities that!

Sophie: Yes, no! I promise I don’t I really love it here!

MP!: Good! So the new single ‘Power’ is really awesome by the way we’re loving It here at MP!. Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind that track? 

Sophie: Thank you! Yeah I just wrote it because it was just something I was going through and I was just like, I just thought people have such a funny relationship with power and money like, whether they have it or they want to have it or they’re around somebody who has it – people act so funny around it and especially in the music industry from what I’ve seen and stuff, I just felt like I had to get it off my chest!

MP!: So is there kind of a little of a satire in there as well or insider knowledge to it as well? 

Sophie: Um, I guess its just kinda my experience and I think like, you know at the of the day its not really what makes our heart beat or makes us happy and so it just kind of feels ridiculous!

MP!: I see what you mean! Listen, tell us a little bit about the titular Bom Boms – do they actually exist or they more in the imagination like Florence’s machine or Marina’s diamonds?

Sophie! They’re real! I feel like Bom Boms started with David Elevator who produces everything and who’s kinda my partner in crime in all this and then it became the band that plays with us and then it became the fans and now I feel like everyones a ‘Bom’ that’s part of the movement.

MP!: So it’s kinda like Groot – We are all Bom Boms!

Sophie: Yeah, yeah!

MP!: Nice! So about David Elevator your producer – he’s more known for doing decidedly UN-pop stuff like working with Beck and things like that.

Sophie: Yeah and he just won three Grammys! I’m so proud!

MP!: Yeah! How did you guys even meet each other?

Sophie: We met at music school and um, we met like, in a bar and then we kept passing each other and I was studying piano and he was studying drums and we were like, total nerds and we kept passing each other in the halls at the practice rooms and then we started like, showing each other music and then we started working together and I just think he’s the greatest, most weirdest like, innovative producer. I just love his sound and so we just started collaborating like, years ago and then just dropped it together.

MP!: So two worlds collide then yeah?

Sophie: Yes!

MP!: Awesome! You started out behind the scenes – you were writing songs for other artists is that true?

Sophie: Yes I was writing for pop writers mostly and writing melodies for them.

MP!: And how did that come about exactly? How did you kind of fall into that world?

Sophie: It was by accident! I kind of like blame it on David – he was working for a songwriter called Linda Perry and we were writing songs together and she was amazing and like, had a talk with me about songwriting and used one of my songs in one of her sessions and then one thing led to another and then Dr. Luke heard my music and signed me as a songwriter and then he put me in the room with other artists to write music so… I started out as an artist and I never had any plans to become a songwriter but my world started going that way and after I wrote for a little bit I really felt like I had something to say myself so I started making my own album again and my own music again.

Sophie: And what’s the difference between when you’re writing for yourself or writing for other people?

Sophie: Yeah I feel like writing for other people it’s really trying to say what they wanna say? Y’know I kinda have to try and get in their head and in their world and when I’m writing it’s just about putting my story and my heart out into the world. It really taught me a lot doing that much writing for other people because I was writing every day for a year or something so it really taught me how to write differently and it helped me find my voice.

MP!: That brings us nicely onto our next question: The ‘Schmix Tape’ was one our favourote EP’s of last year and ‘Pray’ in particular was sooo good. How would you describe your own sound? You may use ice cream favours if you so wish.

Sophie: Oh I can?! Ok, maybe a little bit of bubblegum and a bit of coffee with a little bit of toffee and like, a rainbow swirl maybe?

MP! Ah like a neopolitan yeah?

Sophie: Yeah! Our first song that we wrote was ‘Woman’ and David showed me that beat and I wrote ‘Woman’ over it and I was like “this is it!”, this is the sound I wanna make, this is the music I wanna do and then we just kept expanding on that.

MP! Ok so we had a little snoop through your Twitter and you were watching the Grammys cheering on your collaborator and partner in crime David Elevator – Basically, if you had to lose out to any artist for an award, only to have Kanye West to rush to your defence saying ‘I’mma let you finish, but Sophie and the Bom Boms had the best EP of all TIME!” who would it be and why?

Sophie: Haha oh that’s such a good question! Um, right now I think um Kendrick Lamar is amazing. We featured on a track together and I just feel like he’s so real and raw and he is, he is the BOMB Bom!

MP!: We are totally adopting that phrase from now on at MP! Ok so you’re here in the UK, you’re planning a UK assault – What’s your plan of attack?

Sophie: I have some new music for you all, I have shows coming up, and I’m putting out another EP and then we’ll see what happens I guess!

MP!: And do you have any collaborators you’d like to work with in the future?

Sophie: Um, I’m not sure I’m still happy we’re I’m at but… I’ll say Kendrick Lamar again!

MP! Ok so, we have a sad history in the UK of having to wait ages for people’s albums and singles to come over here while America and everywhere else gets them first. Can you pinkie swear to us now that we will not have to wait a similarly long time for your music?

Sophie: Yes I will pinkie! I will pinkie swear to you right now. I just put my pinkie out into the air.

MP! Great! Ok we’ve moved onto the silly portion of the interview so we’re gonna hit you with some random questions now – Favourite Britney Song?

Sophie: ‘Trip To Your Heart’! Because I wrote it!

MP!: Great choice, we approve! Trains or buses?

Sophie: Trains! Trains, trains, trains I love looking out the window.

MP!: Yes they’re very inspirational when you’re looking out the window.

Sophie: Wait, do you mean underground or overground trains? I like the overground trains

MP!: Yeah the undergrounds are less inspirational and you can’t look out the window.

Sophie: Yeah the undergrounds kinda smell.

MP!: Haha! Ok, girlbands or boybands?

Sophie: Oh boys! I just wanna look at them!

MP! Are a One Direction fan at all?

Sophie: I do like One Direction!

MP! Good to hear! Preferred caffeinated beverage of choice?

Sophie: Um, I’m really into your English breakfast tea right now.

MP! Oh wow you’re really getting into the culture now aren’t you?

Sophie: I have this thing in my head that if any one offers me English breakfast tea I have to say yes so on the first day I came over here I had like, ten so now I feel addicted!

MP! Ok you’re properly ingrained into the culture now – have about ten more and you’re set!

Sophie: Am I an honourary Brit now?

MP! Absolutely! As long as you don’t make us wait for your album!

Sophie: Thank you! Im holding you to that!

MP! Ok! Thanks so much Sophie and please come again… come and have tea with us!

Sophie: I will! Thank you so much! Bye!

True to her promise, Sophie’s excellent new single ‘Power’ is available to buy right the hell NOW so what are you waiting for?!

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