Suuuuuper cool band ‘SKIES’ release new track. Trust us, it’s pretty darn good

Way back when in August when it was very hot and we were all shaking our booty to ‘Shake It Off’, we discovered this new upcoming artist called ‘SKIES’. They are a cool indie duo from Kent with incredible harmonies and a synth sound to die for. Don’t remember? Check out when we first discovered these guys.


Anywho! They are back and with brand new track ‘Breed’, which we all agree is SO good. We think these guys could be huge, their sound is very ‘Bastille’ and ‘Coldplay’ who are some of MP!’s favs! What do you think?

The new single above is available to download FOR FREE (yes, how cool is that?) on the 29th of January from here.

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