Six Questions we ask everybody with… Josef Salvat

We’ve grabbed another popstar and forced six questions down their throat. Today we’ve got Josef Salvat. Find out his Spice Girls nickname and much more below.


Tell us why we should listen to you in 140 characters or less…

I know you’re looking for a distraction. Honestly what else are you going to do with those 3 minutes of your life? Make it better and listen.

 If you had to compare the sound of your music to a crisp flavour, which would you pick and how do they relate?

Cheese and onion. A little different, layers of flavour, works for both the crisp connoisseur and for someone who has lost most of their tastebuds due to heavy living.

What was the first single you ever bought and has it inspired the music you release today?

Until I was a teenager I had been given a lot of music as birthday or Christmas presents, some of which has been incredibly influential on me. But the first single I acquired myself was ‘Play’ by J.Lo – I didn’t buy it exactly – I filled out a survey in a shopping centre and was given it as a reward. I was about 11 and hadn’t listened to much pop music. Musically the song had negligible influence on me. But what I discovered reading the credits on the disk was that J.Lo hadn’t actually written the song at all. Cristina Milian (and three other dudes) did. I felt deceived and never listened to the song again. But who was Cristina Milian? Why wasn’t she good enough to be J.Lo? It got me thinking about things…

Picture the scene… You have found a time machine and been sent back to the year 1996. You have been selected to become a member of a band known as the Spice Girls. What would your nickname be?

Daddy Spice.

If you were given a pet cat and told you had to name it after an existing popstar, what would you name it?

I’d call it Josef Salvat.

Can you tell us that you love us?

Josef’s album ‘Night Swim’ is released February 19.

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