Six Questions we ask everybody with… Amanda Lyons.

We managed to nab our next new and upcoming popstar, Amanda Lyons, and ask her some seriously important questions. The cat name is absolute class.

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Tell us why we should listen to you in 140 characters or less…

It’s catchy & real. And it will make you feel something.

 If you had to compare the sound of your music to a crisp flavour, which would you pick and how do they relate?

Sweet Chilli Chicken – because, I’ve got a little extra “crunch,” I’m a little thick around the edges, and I’m definitely made for sharing! (my music, that is!)

What was the first single you ever bought and has it inspired the music that you release today?

Oh boy, it was probably Janet Jackson or something. In middle school, I really liked her edginess because I felt like, as a good student and kid, I was “misbehaving” or something. Ha! I think my music may have a bit of her sensuality.

Picture the scene… You have found a time machine and been sent back to the year 1996. You have been selected to become the sixth member of a band known as the

Spice Girls. What would your nickname be? Ethereal Spice ? ;)

If you were given a pet cat and told you had to name it after an existing popstar, what would you name it?

Florence Gomez (Florence Welch + Selena Gomez, duh).

Can you tell us you love us?


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