Shawn Mendes may have written this song for us

Babe’us extremus, Shawn Mendes, talks about his new album track ‘A Little Too Much’ and we feel a little too emosh about it.

The song, which Shawn wrote and played the guitar on, came from a personal place where he was feeling a little overwhelmed.

He said, “Being in the music world gets a little much at times. I was starting to get very overwhelmed and feel like I was going to explode.”

Shawn basically created this imaginary girl where everyone thought she was so strong but she kept all her feelings and pressures bottled up ( just like he did) and wrote this song for ‘her’.

“It’s just basically saying, like, every person in their life feels like things get a little too much at times. Their shoulders get heavy and the pressure comes on… and it’s basically to say that it’s OK to talk about it. It’s OK to get upset, it’s OK to cry, it’s OK to feel like it’s killing you because everybody feels the same…”

OMG how could you even speak to my soul like that? Stop, we can’t even hold it together right now.

Please excuse us while we weep into Shawn’s big arms.

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