5 things you need to know about Ryan Keen, another bae with a guitar which made us swoon.

Ryan Keen is a man that sings. We all like men that sing, right? If you’re already hooked (and gurl, we know you are) then read on to find out five facts about your new fav.

1. Ryan Keen is currently on tour supporting Ed Sheeran – which instantly makes him cool – and we can’t freaking wait for them to hit the UK later this year. Ryan and Ed will play three nights at London’s Wembley Stadium in July.

2. He meets you after the show – bae af. Here’s the proof:

3. His album ‘Room For Light’ is available on iTunes now. You can pick up 12 amazing tracks for just £7.99. Grab your copy here.

4. He has a brilliant new single out named ‘Focus’. The video is absolutely incredible too.


5. Him and Ed actually seem like friends which is really cute. Here’s a snap of them enjoying each other company.

Look, they’re smiling and everything.

And there we have it, your crash course in Ryan Keen is complete.

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