MP! Reviews: Rixton at KOKO London

When you’re asked if you fancy going to see Rixton live in the actual flesh – the answer should probably be ‘YES!’ followed by a whole load of over-excited squealing. That’s pretty much what Maximum Pop! did when we found out we were heading to see the lads at KOKO London.

Being at KOKO the venue was obviously pretty darn fabulous – as in flamenco dancer emoji fabulous. A fabulous venue wouldn’t be right without an impressive line up, and that’s exactly what we got. The show kicked off with a set from Cheltenham indie band Young Kato, who absolutely smashed it – we definitely unleashed some embarrassing dance moves to their tune, ‘Drink, Dance, Play’.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 20.59.02

Aussie band ‘Sheppard’ then hit the stage and treated us to a few songs, including their hit ‘Geronimo’. We were kinda loving life at this point, even if the people around us may not have been enjoying our poor vocal attempts. Oh and we kinda have major hair envy going on right now – only Amy could look this good with blue hair.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 20.50.01

So the time then came for the Rixton lads to hit the stage themselves – we’re pretty sure we smelt them before we saw them. (All good aftershave-y smells if you were wondering.) We finally got over the heavenly scent and feasted our eyes on the guys. Yes they looked hella fine. Yes we would definitely like to ‘Make Out’ with them.

The guys played all our fave hits – we may or may not have chanted ‘MAKE OUT!’ a little too enthusiastically…ahem. They also played ‘Hotel Ceiling’, as well as ‘Wait On Me’ and ‘We All Want The Same Thing’. A fair bit of thrusting took place throughout the show too, and by a fair bit we mean A LOT. We’re not complaining though; keep doing your thang Jake. Never stop. Ever.

The sad, sad time came for the gig to end and the lads certainly finished the show with a bang by playing ‘Me and My Broken Heart’. Our hearts were kinda broken knowing the show had to end – definitely suffering from post gig blues right now…

It’s fair to say these four lads are insanely talented and know how to put on one hell of a show. We genuinely can’t wait for the release of their debut album ‘Let the Road’, which drops March 2nd.

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