Jim Chapman teases us with a clip of BBC Three’s ‘Rise of the Superstar Vloggers’ Ft. Joe Sugg & Alfie Deyes

YouTube guy Jim Chapman had something to share with us this week, he went to Twitter to share a sneaky teaser of a new project he is involved in.tumblr_mm6dqwFt6Z1snpdl3o2_500

However it’s not just Jim getting involved, all you YouTube lovers out there prepare to get excited because it’s just got real up in here.

Jim tweeted a link to a teaser of BBC Three documentary about the world of Vloggers, the clip shows him on a search to chat to the biggest successes in the online world to get their take on the whole thing.

You may recognise a few faces, Jim chats to fellow YouTuber and friend Joe Sugg as well as equally as successful Alfie Deyes, but there’s not sign of Zoella?tumblr_me67agzVtI1rb1h8ko2_500

The BBC Three doc will air in honour of YouTube’s 10th birthday!

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