Alarm Pop: Ricki-Lee ‘Giddyup’ – Are you ready for a butt-slappin’, toe-tappin’ good time?

Sorry to intrude but if you liked Fifth Harmony’s ‘Bo$$‘ – you’re gonna want to cue this one up after it. Thanks.

Aussie diva Ricki-Lee bounced back with an awesome new album titled Dance In The Rain a few months ago but it has yet to reach the UK shelves.

Nevertheless, we can’t help but jump on her single ‘Giddyup’. It’s a little saucy and a lot of fun. Like, a butt-slappin’, breast-shimmyin’ kind of fun.

Here the fierce queen sings: ‘Like a boss gotta take control / Gotta make him work you’re the CEO / Gotta quarterback in the Superbowl / Bring your A-game, time to rock ‘n’ roll!’

And the lyric video is absolutely retro hilarious too, y’guys.

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