The NewTube Interview: We chat to Renontheroad about Ed Sheeran, Old Skool YouTube and advice for fellow NewTubers

YouTube is such a huge community that has been building rapidly for ten years. We always hear about PointlessBlog, Pewdiepie and the like, but what about other cool content creators who we should know about?

We’re interviewing less mainstream YouTubers that we think you definitely need to know about and love just as much as we do! We’ve spoken to Ren AKA Renontheroad who has almost 800 subscribers and had a chat about all things YouTube and vlogging.

What sort of content do you post?

Mainly I post videos about things that happen in my life – interactions I’ve had with people, funny moments, awkward moments, topics that I really care about, and occasionally vlogs! I also talk about all things bookish on my channel – what I’ve been reading, what I’ve been buying, new releases, why I love to read and I even have a few book related series on there! I basically just condense my life into video format and I hope you enjoy it!

What inspired you to make a YouTube video?

I’ve been watching videos since 2006 (does anyone else remember my day at the zoo?) and was absolutely fascinated by this little community of people that were making these videos and how much they seemed to enjoy it and how much of a fun, creative thing it looked to be. I was amazed by the freedom they had to create what they wanted and explore their creativity and put it into the world and little twelve year old me thought I WANT TO DO THAT so I created my first channel in 2007.
I’ve had lots of channels but never stuck at them because of people in my real life finding them and them being mean about it (in 2008 YouTube felt like a dirty secret!), but in 2013 I met some really cool people and went to YouTube gatherings and realised actually I want to do this and I don’t know why I ever stopped because it made me really happy so I started uploading videos again, this time on ‘renontheroad’ and haven’t stopped since! It really is my favourite thing!

What YouTuber do you admire?

TomSka. He seems like a very genuine, down to earth guy. I have always loved his creativity and originality. You can tell a lot of hard work and effort really goes into his videos and this never fails to show in his work and I always enjoy his content. Also on his second channel, I love the videos he makes where he talks about lots of important topics and talks about them in detail and doesn’t hold back. He says things how they are and I think this is a really good thing and something I have always admired.  Every time I’ve been to a YouTube gathering I have seen him stood in the same place for hours (not even in an assigned meet and greet) meeting his viewers and I think that’s amazing!

Also I have always admired Carrie Hope Fletcher. I admire the way that she cares so much about her audience, and is always doing what she can to help them and meet them. Her videos are so lovely and she covers so many different topics which can really help and have a positive impact on young girls and I just think she is genuinely so caring and has everyones best interests at heart and this really comes across in her videos. There are so many others as well YouTube is filled with some wonderful people!

How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

Lighthearted, awkward (I shook someones thumb once when I went for a handshake), passionate, imaginative/creative and open-minded. 

If you could collab with anyone in YouTube who would it be and why?

Carrie Hope Fletcher (itswaypastmybedtime) or Christine Riccio (polandbananasBOOKS) I feel as though with both of them we could make some good videos talking about all things bookish!  They are also both very good creators who make incredible content which I always love to watch and would love to work with (hmu??) 

What is something we absolutely have to know about you?

I spend most of the money I don’t have on books and cry a lot over Ed Sheeran and his music. That’s it. thats literally my entire life. 

What can we expect from you in the near future?

Really exciting things! I have been seriously looking forward to this year! I have some really awesome things planned for my channel. I’m working with book publishers and reviewing and talking about some really cool books, authors and events! I have a couple of collabs coming up! I also am going to be travelling and visiting cool places which are going to be vlogged and are related to parts of my channel and I am hopefully going to be starting a new series soon!

What are the goals for your channel?

Carry on creating content that I enjoy making, make things that I care about and am proud of and want to share with the world. I also want to start do to more things for charity (I did a few things last year) and hope that my audience would like to get involved too!

What tips do you have for people considering to start their own
 YouTube channel?

Honestly? If you really think you will enjoy it and want to be creative and make content, just DO IT. I spent so long being so scared of what people in real life were going to think and also what people online were going to think and it terrified me. Now I’m making regular content, I’ve realised I love it and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks as long as it makes me happy. Don’t make videos just to try to become ‘internet famous’ or for the money, do it because you genuinely enjoy it.

This or That:

Disney or Pixar?

Whilst Pixar have created some incredible movies, I’m going to have to go with Disney. They have created some of my all time favourite movies that are just so so incredible and wonderful and magical. (They work pretty amazingly together though, don’t they?)

Sleepover or Party?

Sleepover! I enjoy parties but nothing beats being in bed with the internet with a few good friends around you eating Doritos and laughing at Tumblr posts until 3am. 

Books or films?

Books! I absolutely love the cinema and watching movies, but theres just something about a book and letting your imagination when reading take you to thousands of different worlds which is magical.

Coke or Pepsi?

Coke! Pepsi is a little too sweet for me!

Hands for feet or feet for hands?

Feet for hands would actually be terrifying CAN YOU IMAGINE???
Check out Ren’s channel here, follow her on Twitter and stalk her life on Instagram!

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