MP! Interviews: We talk with pencil ninja Rajacenna about her amazing artwork, Justin Bieber and her favourite person to draw!

We recently told you about the amazingly talented Rajacenna and her fantastic artwork. We caught up with the pencil ninja herself to get to know her a bit more.

Hi Rajacenna! So you’re basically a wizard when it comes to drawing! How did you first get into drawing as a hobby?

Thank you very much! When I was 16 years old I was on vacation in Italy and saw an artist drawing people in the streets, I was standing there for a while that night and I was very inspired to try it myself.

At what point did you and other people realise your skills were a talent?

I uploaded it on the internet and a lot of people and friends said to me that they were very amazed and that they first thought it were pictures. For me it were just simple drawings, so I was really surprised by their compliments… It inspired me to keep drawing and make more art!

What are your favourite things to draw?

I love creative and colorful art where you can express your feelings in, but I also enjoy a lot to draw famous celebrities and beautiful women.

You drew a picture for Justin Bieber and gave it to him! How did he react?

Yes, I felt very honored that I was asked to gave my drawing to him! At first he couldn’t believe I drew that, he said he was very amazed and really loved the drawing that I made of him.


You’ve had your work published in a book, how did that come about?

When I was drawing for only 3 months an American publisher contacted me and asked me if I would like be in a book that contained one of most talented and best realistic pencil artists in the world. I was very shocked at first that I was suddenly in a drawing book with artists that had many years of experience and I really looked up to!

If you could draw anyone in the world and give them your work, who would it be?

The person that I love drawing the most is Taylor Swift, I have drawn her a lot of times, so I would be very honored if I could give my drawing to her one day. That would be amazing.

What’s your biggest ambition?

My biggest goal is to make a book with my own illustrations in it, that would be very awesome!

What do you plan on drawing next?

At the moment I’m working on some assignments, but soon I will make some more original drawings again. I have several new projects coming up that I will work out.

You can see Rajacenna in action on her YouTube channel and see her artwork on her Instagram.

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