QUIZ: What % evil are you?

Have you ever borrowed a pen and never given it back?

Strewth! Things are getting a bit dark today, aren’t they?! Maximum Pop! want to know how evil you are and we’re not letting anyone off the hook. After taking this quiz, we’ll know if you’re secretly the devil in disguise. Up for the challenge? Of course you are.

The quiz is inspired by Michael Grant’s follow-up to his explosive ‘Gone’ series, ‘Monster’. It’s a gripping read that focuses on good vs evil and got us thinking about whether we’re all as good as we think.

Sure, you may not have plans to take over the world anytime soon, but you must have a teeny, tiny, evil streak in you. Perhaps you borrowed a pen from your friend in class and never returned it? Or maybe you ate the last of the ice cream that was supposed to be for your little sister?

Either way, we’re about to find out. All you’ve got to do is answer the 8 questions below. Once you’re done, we’ll reveal what % evil you are. Let’s go.

Start reading ‘Monster’ by Michael Grant..

“IT’S THE MONSTER!” Shade Darby cried out, speaking to no one in particular.

The monster was a girl who appeared to be in her teens, but was in reality mere days old. She was known the world over from her first recorded appearance during which she had torn off a man’s arm and eaten it. While the man watched in shock and agony.

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You can order a copy of ‘Monster’ by Michael Grant by clicking here.

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Written by Emma Matthews

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