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QUIZ: If you can’t complete these shady Harry Potter quotes do you even Slytherin?

We love Harry Potter for the inspirational quotes, the ones that move us to tears and the ones that make us laugh, but the sass and shade that Queen JK delivers in every chapter is totally ignored! We love a bit of shade and we totally plan to celebrate it.

Who do you reckon reckon are shade royalty in the Potter world? We’re stuck between Draco Malfoy (though his shade definitely gets mean and rude) and the Weasley. They’re the undisputed Kings of Sass and we luff them. Fred and George really provide some much-needed light relief as the books get darker and more intense. But do they shade too?

We wrote Harry Potter fanfiction on Wattpad’s new tap app and we’re not 100% tap happy

Quiz: Is this Welsh or totally made up?

But only true Potterheads will be able to complete these shady Potter quotes. But if you can remember which book they come from? Gold star for YOU.

How did you do?

Are you a shade queen?

What do you think?

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