Pop stars are fans of poker, who knew? They probably ace it.

We all know the story. A kid from nowhere becomes a Youtube music sensation, hits the big time and then gets sucked into a wild world of debauchery.

Some may say it’s a cliché but we’ve noticed a pattern forming amongst the current wave of pop stars. And this trend is for them to embrace the wild side and start hanging out at casinos, spending their hard-earned money. Here’s ten famous popstars in casino moments.

Justin Bieber


Never afraid of a newspaper headline, Bieber’s most notorious moment has to be at the Palms Resort Casino in 2013 where a security camera caught him stealing a bike and then being told off by a security guard afterwards!

Robbie Williams


The Take That star was so impressed with his casino experiences that he went one step further and set up his own online poker room where fans could win Robbie-related prizes.

Britney Spears

BritneyIf you’re going to become queen of the casinos then take a leaf out of Britney Spear’s book. The pop princess recently started a two year residency in Las Vegas where she’s reportedly earning no less than $300,000 per night!

Harry Styles


And then at the opposite end of the spectrum was Harry Styles’ recent gambling experience. The One Direction star is a massive gambling fan and even has ’17 Black’ tattooed on his back, but that didn’t help him in a Perth casino in 2013 where ‘a lot of money was lost’.

Lil Wayne

It’s no surprise that one of rap’s biggest stars is a massive casino enthusiast. He became a fan during his time behind bars where he’d play card games so as to win more phone time from his cellmates!

Jay Z

Jay z

And if you’re a rap legend like Jay Z then you go one step further and build a casino! The hip-hop star was part of plans to build a casino in New York in 2010, but pulled out at the last minute. He must have realised it was way easier to stay at home and play the likes of Betsafe where you get a much larger range of gaming options!


The original Material Girl could become the first female pop star billionaire if the recent news of her being approached by a Las Vegas casino are true. The downside? She’d have to play at the same casino for the next five years!

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Wallpaper @

Not only did Lady Gaga perform a new year’s eve concert at a Las Vegas casino, but she spent hours afterwards at a craps table, reportedly saying ‘This is the best thing that’s happened all week’.

Rod Stewart

Even the grizzly rocker Rod Stewart can fall foul of casinos. Not only did he cancel his performance at a Las Vegas casino due to ill health, but he then got sued for $1.1 million by the owners for failure to fulfil his contract!

Iggy Azalea

And to end on a happy note, Iggy Azalea won a whopping $10,000 in an Atlanta casino. The Australian star was seen on Instagram enjoying her winnings in spectacular fashion, and who can blame her?

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