Merchandise Round-Up: Find out who’s ripping you off and where you can find some very good deals

Way back when in 2012, Maximum Pop! held a massive investigation to see if you lovely pop fans were being ripped off when you bought your favourite band’s merchandise. Our findings showed that The Saturdays were selling hoodies for a whopping £45, Olly Murs wristbands were flogging for just under a fiver and the now defunct Wanted lads were asking for £100 of your parents’ hard earned cash just for a signed canvas!


But have the pop offenders of yesteryear leaned their lesson? Are today’s batch of popstars generous enough to charge a little less? Let’s find out shall we…

First up, we re-visited both The Saturdays’ and Olly Murs’ merchandise stores to see if they’d learnt from their previous mistakes. Those lovely Saturdays ladies have stopped selling their £45 hoodies but are selling three t-shirts for £25 each, which is pretty standard for merchandise prices. However, we did find that the girlband are selling a mug for £10. £10 for a mug? We’d rather pop to Asda and get one for £1 thank you.

£10 mug, do you think we're a mug?
£10 mug, do you think we’re a mug?

Mr Murs has got a MASSIVE sale on his merchandise right now with some pretty good deals over there. All sale marked t-shirts are under £15, with one of them even going for 99p! And the wristband we mentioned back in 2012? That’s 99p too. You can also pick up a signed calendar for just £14.99 – and that’s not even in the sale. That’s how you do it, The Wanted.


Moving on to some pop favourites that weren’t about in 2012, we went on over to the Little Mix store to see what we could get our hands on and the results were not good. As you enter their official store, you are greeted with a banner promoting onesies – individually designed for each girls. Sounds like a cute collectable idea until you see the £44.99 price tag that they each have. Primark anybody?

The girls are also selling a load of loot from their 2014 Salute Tour at a discounted price but hoodies and varsity jackets are still being sold for £37.50 each, surely that’s far too much to be charging young fans?
The girls are also selling a pack of individually branded wristbands for £7.50 which isn’t too bad, but the main redeeming factor for the lovely ladies is a signed photoset which is being sold for £15.

Up next are those naughty Australians 5 Seconds of Summer, but their merchandise prices are no way as naughty as their personalities. There are a shed load of t-shirts available on the boys’ website and the prices range between £15-£20 each. A hoodie costs just £30 and there’s even a really cool cassette boxset which includes a t-shirt a lanyard and a sweatband for just £25! Also available very soon is a LIVESOS boxset which includes the LIVESOS album on CD, a t-shirt, six LIVESOS poster prints and a double sided laminate for just £40. There goes our Christmas money…


Our new favourite American girlband Fifth Harmony aren’t doing too bad in the merchandise ranks either. They’re selling an array of t-shirts – including this rather fetching ‘BO$$’ branded one – between £11.99 and £14.99 each. The steep £13.99 pricing of this rather cheap looking necklace lets them down though.


Our final suspects are those beautiful One Direction boys – and the sight of their merchandise prices is certainly not as pretty as the sight of their faces. Although they are selling some t-shirts for as little as £9.99 in their sale, they’re still asking for up to £39.99 for duvet sets featuring some very fetus photos of the boys. They don’t even look like that anymore, it’d be like paying £40 to cuddle up to some strangers! Like The Saturdays, 1D are also charging £9.99 for a mug and up to £5.99 for posters we could probably pick up for £3 in HMV.


Your merchandise prices will be the answer to that one, Harry.

So there you have it, some people clearly don’t learn from their mistakes and some really do change their hearts (well done Mr Murs). We suggest that whoever’s in charge of Little Mix and One Direction’s merchandise stores take note of this article and 5SOS, you keep doing what you do.

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