WATCH: Pointlessblog announces exciting stuff about his Pointlessbook – this one’s for you American fans! #ThePointlessBookNYSigning

We love the Pointlessbook. We really do. You can often spot us reading/doing the book when we’re on our travels or even before bed. It’s so much fun.

Now you American folk can enjoy the book, too! In yesterday’s vlog, Alfie announced some very exciting news for American fans- especially those in New York…

(Skip to 4:35 for the news!)


How exciting is that?! It’s so close we can almost taste the book. Or that might have been because we had to bite one of the pages….

Alfie heart

Alfie also posted these handy hints on his Twitter…

And if you didn’t think he could get any cuter…

You can preorder the book from the US here.

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