Are you ready to promo the heck out of Zayn Malik’s single ‘Pillowtalk’? Here’s what you need to do.

Zayn’s first solo single is already smashing it pretty much everywhere, but there are still so many awesome things that it needs to achieve.


Anyone basically knows that fans of One Direction are always determined to promo the music and videos as if they were their own and naturally, nothing different is going to happen with ‘Pillowtalk’.


If you want to help, buy the song on iTunes, gift it to friends and family, request it at your local radio station and stream it 24/7 to get it to Number 1 literally everywhere and maybe we’ll get to see Zayn’s adorable little grin when he sees the results.

CZo02IDWYAEyn3NFor updates or questions, check @zaynreport on Twitter and get working, not that it’s really a tedious task to listen to an amazing song as much as possible.

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