People are saying Little Mix’s ‘Touch’ music video is too sexy and we’re rolling our eyes


It seems people are too quick to shade Little Mix…

Just let them be them, why is it so hard?!

Okay, okay. We got this. Breathe. Anyway…

Little Mix revealed their video for ‘Touch’ and it is totally awesome. Bright colours, cute outfits, half-naked men, lots of dancing and sassy posing. Haven’t seen it yet? Watch it below!


Most people are enjoying it, but as always nowadays when it comes to Little Mix, a lot of people have commented saying their being too sexy.

Jazz on Twitter

The new little mix video is awful 😂😂 wtf are they doing?!? And what is perrie wearing 😳 trying way too hard to be sexy 😂

But, hang on, isn’t the song about sex?

Let’s just take a look at the lyrics, shall we?

“So won’t you take it, I feel like for the first time I am not faking
Fingers on my buttons and now you’re playing
Master of anticipation
Don’t you keep it all to yourself”


Of course, Mixers were straight in there defending their girls.

Mixers must be so used to defending the girls by now, we swear…

What’s wrong with singing about sex? It’s a completely natural part of life and it’s super empowering for women to be singing and creating art about it. Isn’t it great these girls are so proud of their bodies too?

Rather than focus on the negativity, Little Mix have tweeted to thank their fans for the amount of views and ask their fans for their favourite part.

Little Mix on Twitter

😯🙌 The #touchmusicvideo is almost on 14M views on @Vevo_UK?! 💃 You guys are so amazing it’s unreal! 😭 What’s your fave part? xx the girls xx

But what’s your favourite part? Vote in our poll below and don’t forget to tell us what you think of people saying Little Mix are inappropriate!

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