We are a leading global publication for 14-19 year olds with over 1 million different people visiting our products every month. This is something we are both proud of and take very seriously. To make sure we get things right, we’ve created this series of commitments which will govern our content and act as a guide for our users on our core ethics and values:

We promise:

To bring you closer to people who you love

  • We will do this by creating unique and exclusive content such as features, competitions and interviews.

To amplify positivity

  • We will champion positive stories, successes and behaviour from the people you love. We will not engage in harmful speculation or unnecessary criticism.

To present a diverse range of content

  • We create content to delight and entertain you, but we also aim to inform, challenge and present alternative viewpoints. We want to show that serious and non-serious content can coexist in the same environment.

To celebrate different lifestyles and cultures

  • We will actively celebrate people and cultures that are different to those usually portrayed in mainstream media. We will never discriminate because of skin colour, gender, sexuality or any other reason.  

To challenge others when necessary

  • When others have made what we perceive to be mistakes in judgement we will challenge their behaviour and views.

We will encourage your participation

  • We provide you with the chance to share your voice and take part in projects at every given opportunity through our interactive platforms.

To listen to our users and admit when we make mistakes

  • You are our collaborator and we will actively listen to your opinions and learn from them. If we go against our core ethics or values at any point we aim to recognise it and address the issue in order to build a better product.

To respond to communication in a timely fashion

  • We aim to answer all messages via email, Twitter, Facebook and any other platform we utilise within one working day.

We will find new ways to inform, delight and connect you with others

Everything that we publish on the site will reflect our core values and ethics as laid out in this text.