One Direction ‘On The Road Again’ tour clip, this time it’s Zayn Malik’s turn. Praise the Lord

We can’t say it enough because we are just too excited, One Direction ‘On The Road Again’ tour is so bloody soon! We are in for months and months of treats, there will be constant new videos and photos of the guys together and separately at our dispense. You don’t even have to go to a show to enjoy a One Direction tour.

Friends couch

We thought we had a few more days to mentally prepare for that much goodness in our lives but as always in the One Direction fandom, we were happily proved wrong. Videos of the lads introduction clip for the show have emerged. Showing the guys in Saved by the Bell-esque background looking extremely handsome.


And this time it’s Zayns turn, Mr Malik’s video is here for us all to stare at as many times as we would like. Prepare for viewing Zayn in two very dishy vests.

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