Charlie from Only The Young is scared of pineapples. Even more amazing OTY goss in our interview.

Only The Young are a band we’ve been following for a while and we’re so proud of their debut at The X Factor live shows last Saturday with their brilliant rock ‘n’ roll mashup. They totally smashed it!

Despite their hectic schedule we’ve had a little chinwag with them.

Let’s find out what they have to say…

First of all, congrats on making it to The X Factor live shows! What are the current excitement levels on a scale of 1 – OH MY GAAAHHHD!

Definitely OH MY GAAAHHD! We can’t believe we’re actually going to be on the live shows! It’s such proud moment for us!

Can you give us any sneaky behind the scenes gossip from judges houses?
What happens at judges houses stays at judges houses… ;) Haha, no honestly we just had the best time, it’s the most beautiful place we’ve ever been to!

Looking sunny and sexy at judges houses

Ok history time: How did the group come together?
Well it was just over two years ago now, Me and Parisa (Charlie) were looking to put together a group! We searched YouTube for a seriously long time then we found Betsy and Mikey. Only the Young was born from the first day we all met!

Where did the idea for the name come from?
Will you have to change it to Only The Middle-Aged or Only The Geriatric in years to come?
Haha, yeah we thought we could evolve the name as we got older… Imagine that!! It was literally us liking the words “Only” and “Young” asking some fans on twitter and they were like “Only the Young” and it was like duh, how did we not think of that! Haha

Your first X Factor audition went down a storm and Simon has even said you could win the whole show! Have you any tricks or surprises up your sleeves for the live shows?
We just want to show people what Only The Young is really about. If people have ever seen us live they know it’s always a laugh and super high energy, so we just want to put that out to people!

Is there a song in the charts at the moment that you would’ve loved the chance to release?
We love ‘Rude’ by Magic!. It’s just SO cool and catchy! Perfect pop!

What would an Only The Young single or album sound like?AWESOME! Haha.

Your mentor Louis is famous for comparing contestants to young versions of other stars! Who would you lot compare yourselves too?
The obvious comparison is Abba, and we absolutely love them, they’re the biggest band in pop!! But musically it’s like a mix of The Beatles, McFly & Bruno Mars!

Where do you see OTY in ten years time?
Hopefully on our 10 year anniversary tour!!


If you were a jacket potato filling, what would you be?
BEANS. Everyone loves beans right?!

And finally, we’re quite nosy here at MP! Towers… Tell us a secret about each member of the band!
The only thing we can divulge is that Charlie is scared of pineapples! Everything else is top secret ;)

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