Watch: One Direction take on TV Show ‘Friends’ as fan creates the famous opening titles

We do love the internet, and this is one of the many reasons why. A One Direction mega-fan has recreated the opening titles to the popular sitcom ‘Friends’ but with one tiiiiiny difference – they use the 1D boys as cast. Genius idea, right?

This video has opened our eyes in many ways and we have a list of demands for the boys for 2015:

  • The boys to record (and release) a cover of ‘I’ll Be There For You’, which is the theme tune. A worldwide single release would be ideal but we aren’t fussy.
  • 1D: The Sitcom to become a thing. We are imagining the boys living in a house and the usual antics should be enough for a series.
  • One Direction: The Movie. With full on acting. They’ve proved they can do it (hello Best Song Ever music video) – why not. It might even be as good as ‘SpiceWorld’.

We can only dream…


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